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About Form Labs

Form Labs = music and audio. Owned by one of the world's very first Ableton Certified Trainers, we specialize in contemporary, forward-thinking approaches to music production, digital audio, sound design, and personalized education. With an extensive knowledge of music history and styles, we will understand your goals. Form Labs is conveniently located a few blocks from the Bedford Avenue L station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - just 10 minutes from Union Square.

Our Services

Form Labs offers a wide variety of creative, technical, and educational services related to electronic music, music production, sound, and professional audio.

Music Production

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Sound Design

For Music, Video Games, TV, and Film


Music for TV, Film, Video Games, Web


Project studio design and acoustics, Ableton Live performance, and more.



Form Labs offers a wide variety of creative and technical services related to music production, sound, and professional audio.

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Form Labs' Philosophy: Going to school for audio engineering or music production is not for everyone - especially if you already have a college degree or are an established artist. Unlike large classes, private lessons allow you get exactly what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Read what people have to say about their experiences with Brian and Form Labs.

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